Pendula Wood Turnings c.c.
KwaZulu Natal, South Africa
"One good turn deserves another!" Tom Wege
Pendula Wood turnings turned legs and feet on display

Welcome to Pendula Wood Turnings, Kwazulu Natal ...

where we believe that when you are struggling you are doing something wrong.

Woodturning is our passion and obsession, be it by hand or with powerful hydraulic lathes. Our aim is to turn components as fast and as smooth as possible. In doing so, we supply the small manufacturer with turned components of a high standard and at a reasonable price.

We are at:

P.O.Box 1107
Kwazulu Natal
South Africa
100 Carl Street

FJ Adams (Frikkie, Fricky, Fred, Fj, Frederik)

> Email:
> Tel: +27 31 783 4425
> Cell: +27 83 456 5204
> Fax: +27 31 783 4204

Please note:
Sa time 08:00am to 16:00pm

We supply and do:

  • New system: for copy lathes with chisel 20x20x200. Click here. More to follow later.
  • Contract turning: Look at our picture above - if we have not turned it before, we will make a new template or plan to get the job done: We do not do Barley twist but can do streight fluting.
  • Shoe storing system: Click here.
  • Feet, legs and finials: Together with some ods and ends. Click here.
  • Posts for kitchen cupboards: Click here.